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The Ugly Tale of Rasputin (and the boring tale of Graveyard Shift

Okay, we admit it. Sometimes a movie is just plain bad. Sometimes it’s as bad as The Langoliers or Maximum Overdrive, and it’s fun to watch because it’s so fucking awful. But sometimes it’s just … meh. Bleah. Feh. All those other onomatopoetic words that simulate throwing up in your mouth.

That brings us to Night Shift. Since I despise rats in real life (though I always did love the original version of Willard; go figure), we thought that King’s story of the mutant rats living under a New England cotton mill would be a naturally gross, naturally spooky tale. And boy were we wrong. The story, which has an icky but effective gross presence, your standard King semi-heroic icon, the “really smart drifter with a secret” and a rat-bat with wings and a tail is effective enough, but really, the single best thing about it is the cover the October 1970 edition of Cavalier — now a collector’s item — that showcased the first appearance of the story. Check it out to the left here.  And thank you, Miss October.

Past that? Listen to the ep; enjoy our meanderings. But keep your money in your pocket if it costs you even spare change to rent or buy this thing. Sadly: not really worth it.

But if you want to get the big scare from this issue, listen — if you dare! — to the nearly immortalt rat that made Brad’s life a living hell for weeks on end … and how his vanquished soul is now memorialized (okay, temporarily memorialized, if that’s a thing) on the kitchn billboard of the Munson household. Behold .. the ultimate fate of Ratsputin, the Rat That Would Not Die:

Crappy movie aside, it was a fun episode to record. Hope you enjoy it! Visit Itunes (rate and review!), your favorite podcatcher, or just CLICK HERE to listen to it without leaving teh comfort of our website ..

Thanks to Chrysanthe Tan

The beautiful and haunting music that we use as our theme and “bed” music was composed and performed by the amazing Chrysanthe Tan, an insanely talented violist, performer, and podcaster in her own right. Check her out at her own website,, and support her by joining her on Patreon, right here. You absolutely will not regret it.

A new In The Tall Grass Trailer!

We mentioned it in the Mini-Episode, and here it is: a VERY spooky trailer from horror vet Vincenzo Natali, starring Patrick Wilson and his awesome mustache. And don’t overlook Laysla De Oliveira, who also stars in Joe Hill’s upcoming series on Netflix, Locke and Key (she plays the evil girl!), which, coincidentally, is also directed by Vincenzo Natali. Should be creeepy good fun: Coming Oct. 4 to Netflix …

The Minisode for Friday the 13th!

The Institute: So Far … Stephen King’s new “big book,” which published this last Tuesday, is available here. . I am already hours into the incredibly good audiobook performed by Santino Fontana, and it is every bit as good as I hoped it would be. And I”m probably going to have something to say about the book every week until I’m finished  – and beware, I’m takin’ my fuckin’ time. News  on a great Doctor Sleep video from Rebecca Brayton and WatchMojo … Tons of news about Joe Hill, an d his books, TV hows, movies, TV shows, and comic — yeah, comics … a snippet about King on The Colbert Show … and a cool story about Patton Oswalt and his guest appearance in The institute. All that and more below … read more…

Cujo: It’s a Dog’s Life (and Death)

Cujo was first published in 1981, and there are more than a few connections to King’s immediately previous work, The Dead Zone, especially the “haunting” by Frank Dodd, the now-dead serial killer. Cujo won the British Fantasy Award in 1982. It’s considered a cornerstone of the whole Castle Rock mythology, and a major reference point for the Castle Rock TV series, where it’s mentioned over and over again.

“Cujo” himself was named after a then-notorious terrorist, one of the leaders of the Symbionese Liberation Army that had kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst a few years earlier. A good 9% of you even remember that.  Kind of ironic that the rabid dog is better remembered by most than the fearsome figure who inspired the name.

And there’s so much more in this surprisingly sturdy thriller …

read more…

Episode 36:

Graveyard Shift

One of King’s early short stories from almost fifty years ago became a really pretty lousy movie about thirty years … and here we are talking about Graveyard Shift, as well as dishing on the horrible true story of a rat that tried to ruin Brad’s life … and would no die. Learn the truth about Ratsputin, and what lies beneath the cotton mill, is this week’s giddy new ep!

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Mini-Episode 34.5:

Let It Bleed & Beyond

Up-to-date rumors and pointless innuendo about If It Bleeds, King’s next book, and The Institute, King’s last book, and a weird little ad about the entirely mythical but equally insane “Castle Rock Ruins Tour.” Yes: it’s the mini-episode for October 4 … and beyond!

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Episode 35:

In the Tall Grass

The Stephen King/Joe Hill novella was just released as a Netflix feature … and in this ep, we stagger into the original story, then watch the new movie and go deep into the green with that weird new arrival as well. It’s a rough, wild ride and worth every minute. So read the story, watch the movie on Netflix and join us … if you daaaaare!

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Episode 34:

Creepshow: The TV Series!

The newly revived Creepshow series has finally premiered on Shudder … and first up is an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Gray Matter,” where bad beer FINALLY takes over the world. That, plus a haunted dollhouse story from Josh Malerman, who wrote Bird Box, is a love letter to George Romero from all his buddies. Hear about the original story and the the new adaptation, complete with Tobin Bell, Adrienne Barbeau, the little girl from The Walking Dead and so much more!


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