People keep asking, so …

Brad and Cat have known each other for … damn, probably close to ten years now, and have had more drinks at more bars than either of them can remember (and not just because of the drinks).

Brad in his early 60’s, and has been reading Stephen King since Carrie came out (he stole the hardcover copy that came into the bookstore where he was working back in 1976). He’s been reading SK ever since, and King was instrumental in Brad deciding to write horror as part of his vast write-for-a-living plan. You can see the books he’s written (from real, live publishers, not out of his Mom’s basement) hereon Amazon. Feel free to buy a few hundred.

Cat is less than half Brad’s age and significantly better-looking. A wild child who’s recently settled down with the nicest rocket scientist you’ll ever meet, she’s loved Stephen King for most of her adult life and all of her extended childhood, and it still took Brad a couple of years to convince her that she had a great podcast in her.

We both live in Southern California, and yes, we really do record this in Cat’s black-lace bedroom (check out our Instagram and/or Twitter for some actual pictures). Brad has been doing audio work for a zillion years and has learned enough to whack together this web site, too. Cat is the brains of the operation. We’ve both loved podcasts for years; Cat’s fave is Sofa King; Brad’s a big audio drama fan and a loon for things like Steal the Stars and The Bright SessionsWe both would kick a puppy to meet Georgia and Karen from My Favorite Murder. Well, Brad would. Cat’s already met them.

We’re having a great time, and we hope you are, too. Stay in touch! WE will!