Okay, we admit it. Sometimes a movie is just plain bad. Sometimes it’s as bad as The Langoliers or Maximum Overdrive, and it’s fun to watch because it’s so fucking awful. But sometimes it’s just … meh. Bleah. Feh. All those other onomatopoetic words that simulate throwing up in your mouth.

That brings us to Night Shift. Since I despise rats in real life (though I always did love the original version of Willard; go figure), we thought that King’s story of the mutant rats living under a New England cotton mill would be a naturally gross, naturally spooky tale. And boy were we wrong. The story, which has an icky but effective gross presence, your standard King semi-heroic icon, the “really smart drifter with a secret” and a rat-bat with wings and a tail is effective enough, but really, the single best thing about it is the cover the October 1970 edition of Cavalier — now a collector’s item — that showcased the first appearance of the story. Check it out to the left here.  And thank you, Miss October.

Past that? Listen to the ep; enjoy our meanderings. But keep your money in your pocket if it costs you even spare change to rent or buy this thing. Sadly: not really worth it.

But if you want to get the big scare from this issue, listen — if you dare! — to the nearly immortalt rat that made Brad’s life a living hell for weeks on end … and how his vanquished soul is now memorialized (okay, temporarily memorialized, if that’s a thing) on the kitchn billboard of the Munson household. Behold .. the ultimate fate of Ratsputin, the Rat That Would Not Die:

Crappy movie aside, it was a fun episode to record. Hope you enjoy it! Visit Itunes (rate and review!), your favorite podcatcher, or just CLICK HERE to listen to it without leaving teh comfort of our website ..